Top 5 Gordon Ramsay Recipes | The F Word Season 2


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  1. If only I had a restaurant I could go to and have fresh ingredients every day. I would have to buy such small amounts of stuff every few days or waste a lot of food if I want to cook like him. Guess I will just go throw a frozen pizza in the oven again. FML

  2. The cameraman makes me aggressive I wanna smash that nigga to the moon and back, what the fuck does he think he is, a fucking action movie director or some shit

  3. What makes a good show.
    Epic music
    Gordon Ramsay style grammar.

    Clorox Bleach, lid, open, olive oil, it will give it that real nice fragrance, extraordinary, salt, pepper, stuffing, pine nipples, monkey balls, it will give you that real nice, stuff, lift, Get mr muscle cleaner, spill, chill.

    Next, open, refrigerator, and, get, the, Clorox, bleach, spit, this will give you an amazing umami taste, very gamy, yes, very gay, lightly roast, eat lemons, sugar, water, cream pie, hole, give it a real nice toss, going to give a real nice sheen on the succulent legs, turkey, roast, olive penis, the smell is amazing.

    Roast gooseberries, pig, monopoly, hoes, season, canola hair, lifts the flavour real nice, candy hearts, Toshiba laptop, your life, Clorox bleach lite, season, get Clorox bleach extra, oven, absolute beauties.


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