Top 5 Filipino pork recipes (Learn how to cook Filipino food) | Chris Urbano


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  1. ..I add boiled egg in adobo too.. it's an extender.. hehehe.. so when all the pork have been eaten up and there's rice left, we still have boiled eggs in adobo sauce.. and it's so yummy..

  2. Omg, I am usually not a meat eater because I love seafood. BUT seriously, Philippines has some of the best pork dishes ever! Mines are: 5) longganisang hamonado / sweet longganisa, 4) sisig na tenga ng baboy, 3) krispy pata with calamansi, sili, and toyo, 2) PAKSIW na lechon!!!, 1) sinigang na baboy with talbos ng kamote or kangkong; I am also a fan of using guava or tamarindo. 🙂 I am salivating…

  3. Adobong puti as you call it is the original adobo, with no soy sauce. The soy was introduced by the Chinese. You've really done your research Sir Chris. Kudos! You deserve more subs and shares!

  4. Chef Chris, I missed the pork in Philippines…😥😥 Hard to buy pork here in UAE, and if we buy already frozen for quite sometime mostly came from Brazil & Kenya taste is totally different in Philippines…

  5. Good job Chris! You are not just talking stupid stuff on camera for the sake of posting on youtube but you did a good research before presenting it to your viewers. I like pork sinigang too.I use pork hock or pata for my meat. So good.

  6. Try our Longganisa from Binalonan Pangasinan. Thats yummy for me, every time i go home from Dubai i always ask my mom to buy that almost everyday hahaha. I even bring like 3kg of our longanisa here in dubai hahaha….

  7. most filipino dont know that adobong puti is the base of the filipino adobo we're eating today or you can say it is the "ninuno ng adobo " (not trying to be funny). it takes a real love for filipino food and a good amount of research to know that.
    That makes me love your videos even more, knowing that you give such passion and heart not only with the video but also with the food, the culture and its people.

    Hat's off to you CHRIS URBANO. MABUHAY KA !! #KabanoForLife

  8. I really like your channel. IT is entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I agree with your choices but I would also have included the sisig in the list. Keep giving us more Pinoy recipes and food stories! More power.

  9. Here in the Cordillera Region we prepare pork as part of our Igorot culture during especial occasions we called canao or during rituals by our local shaman called mambunong & our ancestors have been preparing this this for centuries. Again like the chicken dish that I mentioned it is kinda difficult to describe due to animal cruelty. It is kinda simple, a live native pig is stabbed in the heart by a long pointed wooden stick until the animal dies then the animal is burned over a wooden fire until it's hair are entirely burned cleaned, butchered & cut into large chunks then boiled in a large pot without any spices for several hours. It is served with soy sauce & chilly sauce or salt is added to the broth & meat when consumed.

  10. (1) Lechon Paksiw! Make it sweet after you cook the roasted lechon in vinegar and oil!
    (2) Nilagang Baboy: boiled pork chunks in a watery soup with leafy vegetables and potatoes or corn on the cob; slightly salty but oh so flavorful.
    (3) Pork Tocino (sweet marinade): fried and sliced then served with garlic fried rice, fried egg sunny-side up, and papaya atsara, and dry toasted dilis (sun-dried anchovies).
    (4) Pork Steak with cooked onion rings (sweetish): very slightly sour from vinegar mixed with soy sauce and other condiments.
    (5) Giniling na Baboy (ground pork) cooked mechado-style (sauted then simmered in tomato paste or tomato sauce), with crushed black peppercorns, raisins and pineapple tidbits added. Yum!

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