Top 5 Favorite Healthy Recipes of 2014 / 5 Recetas Favoritas de 2014


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  1. This was full of wonderful delicious looking recipes! I'm so thankful I fell into your channel :-). Its important to me to take care of my body and health more than ever lately. I love to cook/bake and its exciting to see your recipes so I can make healthier things!! U just dont know how excited and thankful I am. Lots of love, peace and blessings to you. Gonna go thru ALL of ur videos now! LOL 🙂 XO*!

  2. This is so cool! I don't remember how I first stumbled upon on you on Instagram but boy am I happy I did. I was even more happy when I found out you had a youtube channel What really got me going was your first grocery shopping video. Now me and my roommate have decided to try a different recipe of yours each week. We are starting off with the chicken hack you posted not too long ago but I will for sure try the Zucchini Lasagna next week. Thanks again!

  3. Thankyou so much for posting these videos. I moved in with my grandmas house to attend college and realized her mexican food was putting some… a lot of weight on me. I found you through instagram and you showed me how easy it can be to eat healthy!no more enchiladas for me!I lost ten pounds and feel so much energy which encouraged me to work out!:D 

  4. Kevin, this is now my favorite YouTube channel.  And that is saying something, because there are some awesome folks out there who are helping me as we speak.  Working to take off 120+ pounds.  This channel is in my arsenal now! BOOM!

  5. De mi parte me gustan todas las recetas, pero especialmente la preparación q hiciste con pavo, vegetales frescos y huevos y luego al microondas!! Buenísimo!! Felicitaciones por tus recetas! Son tan fáciles y rápidas!! Me gusta mucho el entusiasmo con q preparas las recetas! 

  6. I'm glad I watch this video because there were some posting that I wished I had seen. Now, I'm definitely going to look for them and implement them. My two favorite recipes you posted and I loved was your number two favorite, chicken avocado pasta and your turkey baked egg rolls. I loved those two the most. I had the pasta the healthy low cal way, and I got creative with healthy fillings with the egg roll. Thanks for all your awesome recipes and tips, cant wait for more. 

  7. Love the Mac and Cheese recipe! It was one of the first recipes from your channel I made and is still one of my favorites. So glad to find out what size jars you used for the Lasagna recipe. I looked all over for that info and couldn't find it. Can't wait to try that one out too!

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