Top 3 Juice Recipes feat. French Guy Cooking!


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  1. I just bought a juicer but the juice comes out a little thick. Also when im done and look in the little gap where the juice comes out there is juice left which is like pudding. How is that?

  2. Juicy Delight! Wonderful Recipe. Im sitting at work and listening to your videos. My director is probably thinking im on a serious call trying to bring in millions. Anyways, All i want is one tall glass of the juice. :)

  3. I love juicing, I just made one with a little red cabbage into a fruit juice and the juice turned into a really girly three-layer ombre pink. Thanks for the recipes! My absolute favourite is green apple, kiwi, pineapple, lime and to taste spinach, ginger, or mint. And take the pips out of the apple, they contain a little cyanide you won't want in a healthy juice. If you cannot find or afford organic produce, wash the wax of with baking soda.

  4. Hey there ! I'm glad I discovered your channel thanks to Alex ! I am also PASSIONATE about food so it's always a pleasure to discover other fellow foodies 😀 Can't wait to watch more of your videos ! You said in the smoothie video that you also cook asian food, heheh that's also interesting ! 😉 Being half asian (& half french!) motivated me to start cooking 6 years ago. I wanted to be able to find all these delicious tastes of my childhood in Asia. Never looked back !! 😉 Again, nice to meet you ! A bientôt !

  5. Yall need a better juicer. You don't get enough juice out of that one! You should be able to get a lot more juice instead of waste with a better quality juicer! Just a tip! I have the breville juicer and it's amazing! Or the kuvings juicer! That one is awesome!

  6. best thing to do is use the pulp in other recipes! carrot pulp can be used in all sorts of things, muffins, crackers the list goes on! waste not want not. love juicing, great vid. 

  7. im drinking my green smoothie as i watch this 😛 I like to add pineapple for flavour, it seems to always brighten up juices and makes it taste great. Also if I am drinking a juice/smoothie as a meal replacement, a quarter cup of tofu (the unsweetened dessert no-cook kind) adds some protein into the mix :)

  8. I'm laughing so hard right now! You two are hilarious. I've never thought of apple, carrot or ginger combination. My favourite is orange, carrot & ginger, but I'll definitely check these out, and thanks for introducing us to Alex and his channel. Hope to see you two making more vids together too.

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