TONKATSU (deep fried pork cutlet recipe) とんかつ – Cooking with Chef Dai / donkkaseu, schnitzel


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  1. Chef Dai, can I check with you something? Does the country of where the pork is imported from affects the juiciness of the tonkatsu? Because i dont think i can find fine pork loins here..and most pork loins here dont have the fat ;(

  2. Thanks for the informative videos! Every one of the videos have been winners.
    This is a great way to judge how authentic a Japanese restaurant is here in Los Angeles. Domo Arigato Sensei!!

  3. I've had this before, served with the shredded cabbage as you did here. My only issue with this delicious dish is that cabbage……
    The chef did a marvelous job of shredding it, but it's rather tasteless. I think it should either have a dressing or be blanched in soup. Better yet, I would replace it with a side of Japanese potato salad. I'm just thinking out loud here. Thanks for posting your delicious video!

  4. Thanks for the cooking lesson, I've always used a meat mallet to thin my pork out….Never knew about the double frying or using the heel of the knife for tenderizing …can't wait to try your method..Been eating tonkatsu all my life and always used my mothers method…time to change my ways…smiles…konbanwa

  5. Looks absolutely delicious! Do you have any tips for shallow frying this instead of using a deep fryer? I live in a small apartment and don't own my own deep fryer >.<

  6. Love your videos! keep them coming! I unfortunately only learned a few recipes from my grandmother before she passed. this is one of my many favorites! we also use chicken breasts.

  7. Hello Dai, we enjoy your videos, My grandmother had the same plates( light coloured with speckles), could you please tell me what brand they are, as I would love to try to find some. Cheers matey, ありがとう!

  8. ive noticed that you use white pepper in most of your recipes. is it any different than black pepper? because white pepper isnt sold where i live 🙂

  9. Tried this tonight with my new deep fryer…. turned out about 80% of perfect, think my pork cut was a bit too thick, but otherwise was delicious. Keep the cooking "challenges" going.. 🙂

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