Tomato Soup Recipe


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  1. Oh this is too funny. I was just thinking "hey, I wonder if I can find a video that will show me how to make soup like Bistro Jeanty…" Their tomato soup has always been my favorite. Growing up in Napa definitely had its advantages.

  2. I, start with a jar of italian sausage spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and green peppers, blend-in a quarter-weight of half-&-half sweetened with a subquarter-weight of turbinado sugar, warm it up in the microwave, Eat, And get-on with the rest of my day of studies in computer architecture, cosmochemistry, quantum mechanics, astrobiology… (For longer service I pour it over crunched white corn chips and scooped sharwill avocado au point)

  3. I'm glad that you read my comment. I did make this in two dishes, and took it to my friend's house to get her opinion of how the dish would go over at a "ladies luncheon." I did not taste the full impact of the soup and crust as I took it unbaked and baked it when I got there. It was ravishing! I would have licked the bowl if I had been at home. Thanks for sharing this with me/us. It's a keeper. : )

  4. I was reading your comment and thought "sounds nice that they get together to enjoy recipes."

    Then I got to the end and thought "that was the funniest thing I have read in very long time."

    Thanks for the laugh and hope you and your friends enjoy the recipe.

  5. This seems to be a gourmet recipe that I'd love to serve at one of my ladies luncheons. I wouldn't change a thing. We eat together to enjoy, the taste of a new recipe. It adds spice to our lives. Unfortunately some people can't get past a little butter. But then again, some folks only eat to make a turd.

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