Tomato Soup Recipe by Manjula


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  1. Beautiful! Dinner tonight: this soup, your cucumber salad, and bread. I appreciate all your efforts in sharing your passion for food and your culture. Thank you, Manjula. Namaste!

  2. Hi Ms Manjula. I just made the soup n had it… it turned out super yummy, especially the touch of cilantro n jeera gave a beautiful taste. Thank u for sharing this quick n easy recipe 🙂 love ❤️

  3. can I use canned tomatoes if I don't get fresh ripe ones? and can I add some more indian spices such as chilli, coriander powder or garam masala to make it taste more indian?

  4. I've been wanting to try making tomato soup from tomato puree for ages and today was the day i did exactly that Manjula. I used your recipe for tomato soup, but didn't have to bother with tomatoes. What a super fast recipe especially as I know I can now use a can of tomato puree. I had all the ingredients in the house and my hand blender worked like a dream to puree the celery and carrots right in the pot of hot soup. Next time I will also flavor the oil with 2 cloves and remove before I proceed with the recipe. Thanks Manjula

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