Tomato Bisque – Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe


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  1. I made this with a little modification. I pealed a pound of shrimp, then used the shells with Mirepoix to make the stock. I then followed your recipe and at the very end, I through the shrimp in and cooked it for just a minute or two. It was fantastic. Thanks for the great base recipe!

  2. This is amazing i never actually eaten tomato soup… so it was tricky to "get that nostalgic taste" o-o but it did taste like tomato soup.. and it was delicious so i guess i nailed it :DDD!

  3. The best I have ever tasted. no box or can for me. This is just as quick and I can feel good about it.I control what goes into it rather than some company that does not care about what they put in as long as they can sell their product. Thanks

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