Tofu & Watercress | Easy Chinese Stir Fry Recipe


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  1. Also, I had added a black bean paste that is pickled with garlic and chili. You can add a of Tbs of cooked crushed black beans w/ chili flakes after you have steamed the garlic maybe in a bit of water. Use a lot of garlic! You can add the soy of your choice or use some good sea salt if you don't want soy. You can use any protein you'd like. Lightly steam the watercress & it's really the star. You can eat watercress raw, but in this I like it lightly cooked so it's still crunchy. Have fun! 🙂

  2. Hi Julia, many Chinese dishes are steamed so they may taste different, but can be tasty for those who are used to eating that way. But garlic is VERY TASTY (you can add ginger & onions!) Not all soy has MSG. You might even find some good soy (w/ the beneficial bacteria)at some markets. I've been wanting to make my own myself! But I know most viewers probably won't. This is the only way I eat tofu (when I do). Some people like it & I respect that. Any protein can be added or omitted (for vegans).

  3. Hi thanks for posting! Well oils are good for you & a little goes a long way. Coconut oil or grapeseed oil would be a good option. BUT, if you really must omit the oil, I'd agree to dry fry but maybe try a LOW HEAT so that you don't dry out the veggies. You could steam the tofu or add it after some of the juices are expelled from the veggies & cover. I am not crazy about tofu & this is the only way I eat it. I do prefer to eat fermented soy only for health benefits, but sometimes I cheat. 😉

  4. Leaving oil/fats out of a stir fry makes it taste horrible. Tofu is probably not healthy and the mystery sauces probably have tons of MSG (good thing they will say MSG on the label unlike American products which hide it under hydrolyzed/autolyzed yeast/protein ingredient). If you cook this dish without oils and with lots of MSG, it won't taste that good but worse, spark your cravings.

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