Toddler Meal Ideas! (14 Months)


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  1. Awwww, your baby is adorable and you're so pretty. I'm not a mom but I am a big sister and I'm gonna trying these ideas when she's older. For now, she's 4 months old. She cries ALOT and I don't know what she's trying to communicate with me. Any help? I'd appreciate it.

  2. my son wouldnt eat even quarter of these meals.. he tosses it all on the floor lol. he hates his high chair and he hates wearing a bib and im one super stressed out mom. sighhh

  3. wow..wat a good son will be 14 month in few days..anything i put in front of him he throws on amazed how ur son is eating out of plate..if i put food in a plate in front of my son..the first thing he does is throws it on i jus food on the high chair tray..i wish one day my son would learn some manners

  4. First off, thank you for this! I have been wracking my brain to know if I was feeding the little one okay and this has eased my mind a great deal. Second, your little boy is so adorable and very well-mannered for a baby his age.

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