Tiramisu Recipe with an ACTUAL Italian | Big Night In


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  1. I live near the city where Tiramisu was invented (Treviso), so let me give you some tips: you should mix the yolks with some sugar until they become really soft and creamy. Then add the mascarpone at room temperature in two or three stages until is well combined.
    Usually there's no chocolate between the layers, and the cocoa powder should go only in the last layer, it keeps the tiramisu moister.

    Bonus tip: if you're making this for children and you don't want to use coffe and liquor, just dip the biscuits in some chocolate milk!

  2. This is my favourite dessert!! It looks awesome, although I do like the sponge fingers to have a little less bite {trying to avoid innuendos} … Guys, where's the hyperlink for this recipe?!

  3. Okay, the Italian guy is adorable. I really liked the way this Big Night In was done. I hope you guys keep this up. It's really enjoyable. It was also a nice change having Ben relax this time and see somebody else do the cooking.

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