Tiramisu, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. Bleach ! OMG… what is the sense of buying organic eggs and then putting in the water something so toxic. I rather get salmonelle then drink bleach. The eggshell is too porous to think it will not contaminate the inside with beach!!! 

  2. I made a tray-ful and one in a mug especially for my dad!

    He loves his coffeeee so we shaved "expresso" chocolate between the layers to enhance the coffee flavour.

    We didn't put the cocoa powder at the top yet so we can powder a design with a stencil when the top mascarpone layer is less soggy. (It was soggy for the tray, we tried on that first)
    Will probably be a stencil of an expensive watch (he collects them) or his face haha
    Can't wait to taste it when it's set.

    Spent less than SGD30 for 10-15 servings. 😀

  3. Gianni,

    I can believe you ate the Tiramisu with the Spatula My kinda Paison, I find it amazing you are from the East cost and are living now in the west cost in San Francisco, I was born in Stockton California and Raised in Reno in a VARY Roman Italian Catholic Family, I love EVERYTHING about being Italian and would NOT want to be anything else. AS my Uncle used to say , "There are 2 kinds of people in this world, Italians and people who want to be !" Italians make the BEST of everything, PERIOD ! I am so glad I found your Videos on you tube I really love them. I am Retired living in South East Asia. Over here they have an Italian Importer, and OMG I have been trying all the REAL Italian Gourmet food and it is amazing what Italy produces, its artisans foods are magical, its just to die for. I have a winery here, and do cooking of our family's Italian food as well, People LOVE REAL Italian cooking. Is there a way I can call you or e-mail you direct ? Please let me know.

  4. Love the way you say "booze" and "screw this!" Thank you for another great video!   This is one of my favorite desserts.  I have never attempted it from scratch, but if I do, it will be your recipe I use.

  5. So nice to see it made in the authentic way. I know that's how you roll, Gianni. Brings back memories of my single days & all day shopping w/the girls. Stop halfway thru the day for a double shot of espresso and a nice dish of Tiramisu, and we could go for 4 more hours!

  6. Great recipe, Gianni!  +1 for the T'Cho chocolate… the single-origin bean stuff!  Though I've never thought of using bleach to sterilize eggs.  I've been pasteurizing/sterilizing my eggs in a pot of water for 140~150 degrees (F) (usually before the water starts bubbling)… i usually keep them in for a 3-4 minutes (5 minutes max.) at a sustained 140~145 degrees by turning down the heat (better aided by using a thermometer).

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