Tia Mowry's Light Breakfast Recipes | Quick Fix


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  1. Wow, I really liked these recipes! I think you have a talent for making easy & tasty meals. Like the Pinterest recipes excepts yours taste goods 🙂 Hope the baby is well!

  2. Holy moly, your personality is akin to a ray of sunshine! I've followed your work for years and you are truly amazing. My breakfast consists of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. Sometimes, I'll have cookies for breakfast with my coffee. Though, I do love some bacon and sausage for breakfast sometimes. I could never get behind the avocado trend for some reason. My mom loves the stuff!

  3. I can always tell Tia and Tamera apart ever since the 2nd episode of Sister Sister, but honestly she does favor Tamera a lot in this thumbnail. Maybe it's the post baby fuller face? Anyway it was so weird seeing them on their reality tv show being the opposite of each other from their sitcom. Tia was the more outgoing bubbly one, while Tamera was the more reserved slightly uptight one in real life. Who woulda thought? Lol. Love them both!

  4. Tia I love you but your quick fix is to wait 35-40mins just for the granola to bake in the morning. I barely have enough time to wait for the for toaster to pop 😅

  5. You just helped me with breakfast in the morning. I'm definitely trying this out soon especially since this is like on the go. Quick Question: do you have a certain eating style like vegetarian or pescatarian or anything like that? It really has nothing to do with the video was just curious.

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