Thukpa – Tibetan Noodle Soup Recipe


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  1. I usually don't comment on YT videos but this time i really have to. I love thukpa and i never tried preparing the dish myself and i saw this video. 1st of all I've tried around 4-5 recipes inspired from your channel ( i am a very good cook myself ) but never ever did the recipes (as per instructed in your videos) came out tasting good as u make guys show n claim. I tried veg jalfrezi for my party and i hate the way it looked and tasted. I think the regular sabzis qnd curries i prepare myself taste way better and i swear i am never trying any of your recipes. talking abt thukpa…. it was awful. I don't know why r u adding garam masala to it. You don't add garam masala to everything and for God sake please don't advise anyone to try that veg broth cube. It made thukpa so oily and it had saturated fat (I believe its dalda). Oil was floating all over the soup and I know how much oil i used. Finally the overall purpose of soup can nt be achieved thru this recipe bec its clearly unhealthy

  2. Have you made a Indian masala dish or Tibetan dish? Seems like the lady who has given you this recipe is a big fan of chandni chowk to China movie so she has mixed Punjabi with Chinese. I had thupka like million times and trust me lady it never taste like someone has put garam or chicken masala in it. Please don't convey wrong recipe on YouTube. A big no to this video.
    People who are watching this kindly refer to a authentic cook page who know how to cook Chinese or Tibetan dish.

  3. I cannot boil anything around lhasa because of low air pressure. High pressure pans are essential… above 5000 metres… oil or water with open pans? forget it you cannot put your closer away. you must close your pans. she is really opening it… obviously it is done in Europe not Tibet… okay close every kind of open pans…

  4. i m sorry to say that it does not look delicious. i ve been eating thukpa my whole life and this looked quite stale.
    the only thing good was your narration.
    this is a feedback pls take it positively.

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