Thomas Keller Chicken Recipe


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  1. I love how TK says "I'm good" at 6:01 when the guy directs him to the sink to wash his hands. It is very important to wash your hands after touching raw chicken, that is basic kitchen knowledge.

  2. Yes I can cook well, but no matter how long you have been cooking and how well you are trained, you are only as good as your last service. I trained in a 4 star deluxe hotel for 5 years as a commis chef before moving on to work in many 1 and 2 rosette properties. I am the process of setting up a well equipped high end kitchen in a pub that came runner up in the south east pub of the year three times.

  3. Beautiful, brilliant stuff…. teaching is so what Keller does … he passes on such excellent techniques, so well. Yes a braised beef shin, or foie gras or something more outrageously complicated would be more indicative of the work that goes into the food at his reastaurants.. but he realises the time frame and sticks to it. Great presentation.

  4. Not cracking an egg on the edge of the bowl is a tip for new cooks who might crack the egg with too much force. It's kind of like new guitar learners being told not to have your thumb above the neck, but that is something every great guitarist does since there are thumb chords. If you're great, the rules for beginners don't apply. You can make your own rules. Its like the scene in troy where Achilles's cousin says "I thought you told me never to change sword hands." and brad pit replies, "When

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