The Wrecking Crew


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  1. These folks were the West Coast version of "The Swampers" in southern Alabama. Some of the greatest musicians that you've never heard of. It was a great time to grow up with some of the greatest music ever created.

  2. Fascinating to hear Joe Osborn talk about the Association and "replacing the whole group. None of them played on the record." He probably came up with that awesome bass part for Along Comes Mary. After which the Association bass player probably said…"uh oh. I gotta play that?"

  3. What a great eulogy from
    a son…that’s how you pay homage. Perfecto, now I know the story..I had heard about Carol Kaye’s prominence before, but I hadn’t heard of the Wrecking Crew. Now I know & Knowing’s half the battle.

  4. Back in 1997,I was in a "transition stage" in my life and took up the bass. Like maybe 99% of those who take up an instrument I eventually stopped. But I was pretty obsessed for a while and I eventually struck up a brief email-writing friendship with Carole Kaye. She was so nice and wrote somewhat lengthy responses to my questions about everything from finger-playing vs. a pick to what kind of guy Brian Wilson was. I honestly didn't know she was such an industry biggie. She was very down- to- earth. Now I regret I stopped playing the bass.

  5. such great stuff I hate to have to say that at the core of the rock n roll thing is the CIA…saddly the 60 were planned not organic…laural canyon look out mountain…operation mocking bird…..maybe these folks didn't know who the were working for but they were…..

  6. The Monkees always got heat for not playing their own instruments at the beginning of their careers. Well, I never knew that most other artists didn’t play their own instruments on their albums too.

  7. lol Six actors, six producers, a director and six or so bands listed, and 0 members of the Wrecking Crew. I’m not complaining, and the “crew” are probably fine with it, but please, let’s at least give irony its due! GREAT VIDEO, thank you.

  8. #WreckingCrew is such a LEGENDARY .. documentary that it should be viewed Or installed in the #RockingRollHallofFame in a booth (permanently) ..because anyone who's a #MusicialHistorian should learn about these god gifted musicians and the sacrifice's they made that, ushered in Thousand's of song's,instrumental's….There is a price that one pays along the journey , the Work,Dedication and Artistry that it take's to make a precious gem ,.! May their legacy ..continue …

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