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  1. I've recently gone vegan mainly for my health than anything. And it's funny how much food I eat now. I either am not too hungry or I'd eat all three of these dishes and still need a snack. Made Mike and Baz's (I'd make Jamie's- it looked good! I'm just not huge on sweets) they were great.

  2. I’ll be honest.. I wouldn’t eat any of these. You don’t have to make silly food for it to be vegan. We can still eat a lot of pastas, rice and icecream that doesn’t taste like banana 🤢

  3. I don't have the slightest idea how I stumbled onto your videos…but I am so glad that I did!!! I'm not usually a fan of cooking shows but you guys make it so much fun. I love the genuineness of everything. Things aren't always perfect but that's okay. I've never watched a cooking show before and literally laughed out loud. You guys are amazing. You've made me excited to cook again. I can't wait for my days off to spend in the kitchen trying your recipes!!!!

  4. Wish you guys would do more stuff like this! Love your channel but it's pretty restrictive for people who have dietary needs. Would love to see more vegan/vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, etc so that the inspiration isn't completely meat-based as it usually is.

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