The Ultimate Stewed Pork.


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  1. Hi your cooking it helps me a lot in the kitchen…the only difference with me coming the stew pork is the I would have pressure the pork but cook just like you did… thanks for sharing

  2. What the hell is Vera talking about? You come on here to talk foolishness when pork eaters (like myself) is trying to look at some delicious food. Did you see the heading of this video? Are you a dry cunt? This is not the place for this. Do this somewhere else please. Anyway, back to the food. Delicious recipe. Only I make it dougla style.. wink

  3. Thank you for a beautiful recipe that I must try. What sort of sides would you typically serve with this beauty Chris. I  live in the countryside in Australia and am not familiar with Caribbean style cooking 🙂

  4. i am currently cook your recipe and i must say that it sell off!!! its still cooking and i tasted a piece of the meat… im so happy, it taste good. its my first time cooking pork. so far so good. thanks a million.

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