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  1. Fettuccine alfredo is SO HARD to nail. One of those simple but elegant dishes you can't hide behind. You need the right ingredients and you need to do it right, or it's just a bland mess.

    Gonna sound pretentious, but the only time I had it in a restaurant and it wasn't garbage was in NYC, Little Italy. Heavenly, that stuff. Had to resist hugging the chef.

  2. I couldn’t watch that violation of a lobster after seeing Gordon Ramsey with a one.

    Also the way Barry stacked his pasta sheets doesn’t make too much sense does it? 🤔

  3. Jamie, I'm Italian, I love this channel, but the pasta you did (all three of you) can't be called a fuckin' pasta, Alfredo sauce is not a thing, and we don't eat fuckin tagliatelle (pronounced tayatelle) with bits of sausage, I'll teach you how to make a real Italian dish, so listen up: tuna, tomato sauce, sardines sauce , marinated olives "tagiasche" (type of olive) butter, basil, the sauce is simple melt the butter, put the tuna, destroy the tuna in little bits, throw in olives salt black pepper cayenne pepper and add some spice to it (just a bit) in the sauce with some water and olive oil, in the sardine sauce, some sugar, reduce the sauce at the end basil, use a short pasta possibly with holes like real Italian maccheroni not the strange curly maccheroni type.
    Well at part from this pasta thing you are awesome🤙

  4. You probably just see these comments but I'm cooking roast round beef for my first date. I'm browning each side about 5 minutes mins in extra olive oil. The put it in a crock with garlic, potatoes, carrots, onion and garlic. What else should I add? Of course I'm going to let it cook for about 8hrs.

  5. They all look phenomenal, but the Fettuccine Alfredo kept it simple, which is what Italian cuisine (and especially pasta) is all about. Also, I could really go for some Fettuccine Alfredo now.

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