The Ultimate Fried Chicken Wings Recipe.


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  1. Remember Family, cooking has no rules except for absolute cleanliness, appropriately aged and fresh food ingredients.
    I've been seasoning with curry powder – it is what I use most (not all) the time, even My Caribbean & USA Family/Friends thought I was silly for using that spice for fried chicken…until they smelled, then tasted My chicken, they couldn't get enough of it.

  2. Ok I made these wings using the store bought green seasoning by Goya. I didn't have the money to buy all the ingredients to make your homemade version. Any who I added the rest of the spices wit the green seasonings and marinated the wings for a couple of hours. OMG!!! Best fried wings I have had in a long time. Tfs. I will be making g these more often.

    Can I use this mixture to marinate other chicken pieces like the drumsticks, thighs, and breasts? Thanks for your response

  3. Thank you.
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