The Ultimate Fish Soup Recipe.


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  1. Mom never thought us how to cook and as an adult I've always been busy with my carreer never had time to really be in the kitchen and so my cooking skills were just ok… I made this fishsoup for hubby (my first fishsoup) … he was pleasantly suprised and can't stop talking about it. Thanx a mill! Will absolutely try your other recipes.

  2. Hey !!!! Chris …Proud of u…excellent videos ..
    I remember @ home in TnT they will squeeze a little bit of lime in the broth … for freshness … or u can squeeze it on ur individual bowl before eating .. again ur doing a great service in helping keep some of our tradition alive … even with ur own little twist it's taste great .

  3. Please specify the type of fish you are using. That would help your audience. Don't assume they know what type of fish to use. It's an instructional video right? Please and thanks. Great recipe though.

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