The Ultimate Curry Beef (beef curry) Recipe.


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  1. Chris, how about using coconut milk as a braising liquid?  I watched a couple of videos about how to make Carribean curries and it appears that people use water instead of coconut milk.  What's your take on it?

  2. I wanted to ask you something in my earlier comment but forgot. How long is curry good for in the fridge? Should it be stored in a glass container or other air tight container?  Is its  ok in just its original  bag?  Last recipe I tried, a stew, couldn't really taste the curry. Maybe mine is past its best by date?.

  3. Thanks Chris. Speaking of myself; a guy that lives on peanut butter on toast, this recipe a lot of work. Least for me. You are obviously at home in the kitchen. Maybe when I get more ambitious or fed up with above, I"ll give this  a shot. Carry on my good man!

  4. This really is the ultimate curry beef! This was my first time using a scotch bonnet pepper and half a pepper provided just the right amount of heat for me. Made my own green seasoning from your recipe and I love it!! the only change is that I finished braising the beef in the oven instead of on the stovetop. served it over rice and it was curry heaven. The beef was meltingly tender and the flavors were awesome. Thanks for a great recipe, Chris.

  5. For those of you making this dish, please go out and buy grass-fed beef, from a local source if possible. Factory beef is fed grains and give hormones and some meats are even glued together by butchers. The factory animals are stressed and we consume those hormones when we eat it. Animals should be well cared for and slaughtered properly. Let's be smart about what we eat and how we prepare it. I buy some of my meats from grasslandbeef(.)com we can outsmart the industry if we inform each other

  6. The sound of that spoon in the iron pot brings me back to my childhood! My mom is in her 70's now and doesn't cook much anymore. I've been learning to cook the good Trini food I grew up on using your videos, thanks soo much Chris!!

  7. Awesome videos Chef, just a request. i would love to see you having a bite and enjoying your dishes, can you do that because when people would see you enjoying it it will encourage them more to cook fresh food and home and help them stay away from market junk…

  8. Hey! Mu coworker is a 65 yr old lady from Trinidad and we found your videos here. She said can you make a dhalpori roti??! She's a proud Vialva from Port o Spain , Sangre Grande! I just love her. She's taught me sooo much about her culture. So I've been hyping her up for her upcoming two week vacation back home by watching YOUR videos. You should see her smile!

  9. Chris if it's one ingredient I don't see you use in your recipes is the orange looking margarine butter.. I've got a video request.. Boiling rice and getting it fluffy and not stuck together.

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