The Ultimate BBQ Chicken Recipe ไ่ก่ย่าง – Hot Thai Kitchen


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  1. I have try to cook the sweet rice aka sticky rice but it always turn out really sticky almost like the glue on the outside . don't know y .

  2. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy watching your cooking videos. Im definitely gonna try this receipe. I cant seem to find white peppercorn. Could i substitute it with white pepper? Also, any tips on cooking this in a oven?

  3. I forgive her for not knowing “jeow”. She’s Thai but jeow is a Lao thing. Note: some if not most Thai cuisines exist from outside of its borders. It’s clear with her un-acknowledgement of “jeow”.

  4. Pai, I have been watching you for sometime now and your cooking keep me glued. Am a Nigerian but I like good cooking and cheerful personality. No doubt all your meals will be yummy cos they are made with joy. I have learnt the art of marinating, and garlic oil from you now, I actually enjoy that garlicky taste in my eggs. Thanks for sharing . Keep it up. Will try this BBQ chicken recipe soon

  5. Pai just something I thought about to ask.
    Filling BBQ chicken and very professional.
    How many takes do you do?
    Or do you usually have to take?
    Or did you get it smack on every time?
    I’ll ask my wife what that word
    BBQ chicken curry n Thai was
    that weren’t sure of….
    She is from the Northern part,
    She might know
    Adrian Calgary

  6. I've eaten a lot of faith yang in my sixty-plus years but I've never made it. I followed your recipe (mostly) and the results were astounding. It truly is the ultimate gai yang or at least the best I have ever had. It has earned its place on my list of what to make for company. Thanks Pai!

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