THE TRUTH: My Body | Hormones + Healthy Paleo Soup Recipe


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  1. Two years ago I lost my period for six months and now I've lost it again… I really feel you and I'm glad that I found your channel because it helps me a lot! Keep going you are amazing!

  2. Ok so HELP! My friend turned me on to your youtube channel because she was like hey this girl has similar hormonal issues….SO I have been struggling with hormonal issues for 4 years! I rarely rarely get periods and recently finally retested some of my hormone levels with my primary care and I have NO estrogen and she wants me to go to an endocrinologist. But I would much much much rather see a naturopathic doctor. Did you see any normal MD's as well or did you get all your diagnosis and treatment from your naturopathic MD? Because my body needs some serious help.

  3. You are my new favorite person. I've been binge watching your videos and I love all the food you make and how cute you and your boyfriend are. I recently have been having some digestive issues so you are really helping me turn to food to heal my body!

  4. Same hormonal issues! I think I lost weight too quickly and wasn't eating enough, I believe my body fat percentage dropped too low. Since then, I've been trying to listen to my body instead of following a strict meal plan. I feel soo much better but still haven't had a period in 10 months..Makes me nervous about fertility:(

  5. Hey there lovely lady! Ive watched your vlogs for aaaaages but really interested to hear how you get on with fixing your hormone imbalance. My periods stopped last December after a stressful couple of months and about three months ago i visited a naturopath over here in the UK for some help after a doctor just advising me to go back on the contraceptive pill {which like you i stopped years ago because i just didn't like how it affected my body. I feel like going back on the pill probably would bring back A period but it would be a false one and its not addressing why i lost them in the first place?!}

    My naturapath is fantastic and as i already eat paleo, shes just recommended a few things to add into my diet – some supplements and also a general clean up and clear out of my liver and rebalance of my gut flora too – just to help rebalance things. Looking forward to hearing how you get on and any other tips you have along the way xxxx

  6. hey can you please do some tips on exercising with bad knees? trying to restart my healthy living again and I inherited terrible knees! it's hard to run although I like it, it's hard it build the booty or doing many leg exercises. thank you!

  7. I havent had my period for a year (i workout a lot though) . Pretty much since i started going paleo. The last two months i have been eating more grains, even bread and i actually feel better my hormones are better – still waiting on my period though.

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