The Secret to Perfect Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)


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  1. I just finished eating my own karaage with some rice, It was delicious. I fried some chopped chillies to flavor my oil before I fry the chicken then set it a side for my dip, it became charred as I mix it with the japanese mayo, it add a little kick in my dip and was pretty happy with it. I think it is a good substitute since I dont have japanese 7 spice. Watching you really got me inspired, I'll probably try to practice more to perfect my kaarage and cook some for my relatives. Thank you for the great recipe!!!

  2. Unless you want to die never ever fry chicken for this amount of time.. triple the time.. at a minimum chicken needs to be at least 165 degrees on the thinnest part and cook for 14 mins.. you can accomplish the same result with oven frying with less grease in a glass pan

  3. Love the video. But i think it would be better if you eat it on camera, or at least cut the karaage in half and show the sound of crunchiness of the karaage so we can see how crunchy it is.

  4. There used to be this little Japanese restaurant near me that made awesome Teriyaki marinated chicken karaage. That was about the only thing they made that was edible though, and they went out of business. 🙁

  5. Japanese Fried chicken is neither the best nor the original one! Maybe Japanese fried dolphin or whale is their best dishes, Japanese are serial killer of animals, better stay away from them!

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