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  1. I’m making me this recipe right now. I got the sauce going.

    Update: The rice is ready and it’s the bomb!!! Owww… I love it! This recipe is sho nuff a keeper! This is my first jollof rice, and my first time cooking basmati rice and first time cooking a scotch bonnet pepper. I put in one scotch bonnet without the seeds. LOL! This rice is really good with the corned beef. Though I did it different in making a meat sauce with it instead of how you have it in chunks.

    Jollof rice, at least with corned beef, is the best red rice I ever tasted. Beats southern red rice by a mile. Though I must say that the basmati rice is strange to me, I suppose because it’s my first time eating it. It seems light almost un-rice-like. So I think the next time I’m a mix the basmati rice with a rice I’m familiar with like Uncle Ben’s long grain.

  2. This recipe is not on your website and I find it hard to follow by your video alone. Though I got the garlic, onion, anise, and ginger part. And on your website I found the recipe for jollof sauce, but where can grains of selim be found to buy?

  3. I love jollof rice but im soo bad in making it ^^ I try and try because here in Germany in my city are not a lot african restaurants but my rice is always not fluffy. I also love Indian food but my rice allways mess everything up. My mother can make rice so fluffy and somehow no matter if I have the same rice and the same way to do it it it still get more like chinese rice. Sticky with a slight taste of flour 🙁 I tried to wash it and to soak it, to do nothing of it and every time it is the same result. My afghan friend even makes fun of me how I can mess up something so simple on regular basis^^ Greetings from germany and I love your channel 🙂

  4. Hi there my Dear 😊 I am a Filipina i love your video and I loved to make Jollof too using your recipes 😍😍 as its looks so delicious and yummmmm ❤❤❤ uhhhhm my Gosh!!! I'm starving
    And want to surprise my Nigerian Honey❤ 😊😊😊 that i can make Jollof rice.
    As a Request:
    Hope you can take write here
    all the exact Ingredients hehe😚

  5. I just discovered your channel and boy im glad I did! Im always watching American recipes which are ok but its good to cook and know different foods from your roots I love the diversity! And hunny that amazing accent of yours I can listen to these voiceovers all day lonnggg!!! Love you keep this up!! Im subscribing!

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