The Perfect Chile Relleno Recipe VEGETARIAN


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  1. Yes! I asked my mom u do add the yolks back in after u fluffed your whites so the batter sticks when u dip them 👍 but it worked the way u did it 👏 👏

  2. I miss making these now that i have an electric stove top 😟 i got to go to my moms to burn my chiles then bring them home. I used to rinse mine mom laughed and told me im washing off the Smokey flavor. Could be true but they still come out gooooooooooooooooood !! I thought u were supposed to whip the yolks back in ? Have u ever done that .. I did this routine to mexican squash. Mmm so good look up "Tortitas de calabasa con queso" vegetarian friendly

  3. Wow pretty simillar to our mediteranian hamis exept WE dont Fry the chilli we remove the skin like you did and WE cut it in cubes add some salt and olive oil with some tomato ( cooked in the oven ) and thats it ..bonne apetit

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