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  1. The amount of people that actually missed what this was talking about is impressive. "But I can buy a gun in any state" yes you can here in the states. You do realize that the rest of the world exists and has web access right? That not everyone is blessed with the 2nd amendment. "But I can just buy a gun cheaper this is dumb" no dipshit you are just dumb. The entre film wasn't about the price of the printed gun it was about the freedom of being able to and the liberation that comes with it.

    Some yalls critical thinking skills are non fucking existent.


  3. All depends I guess if when printing the gun is was in part to create a political reaction of just cause they wanted to make money.. there lies the answer if they are the good guys or the bad guys I guess…
    Glen beck and coverage of obama winning right from the get go doesn't make me optimistic that these guy didn't get what they were asking for though…

  4. Its getting pretty pathetic. All these dipshits trying to have control over people lmfao. Seen one of them she was really fat and dirty like grease in her hair. They crossed the line to many times with me. Im fighting back with everything i got. Lets see what a bunch of dumbshits that deny and lie about what they do and hide. They have no power and control. Lol they even say im not going to jail. Haha. They hide bc they are scared of their consequences of their choices. Calling everybody else names and criminals. Funny. They project to much.

  5. Amazon, FB, Google, Sprint, etc., etc. are watching you and selling their/your info to anyone who will pay. You can't escape it. There is no longer any privacy. The so called 'Deep State' aren't the people Trump is pointing to/at. Corporate America is the Deep State … they are all the people Trump is making richer with his tax cuts and deregulation. Wake Up America! You are so easily CONNED.

  6. As a Canadian, we have strict gun laws, yet I possess a large collection of swords and large knives. I can kill as quickly with these weapons as a gun. But the U.S. have the right to carry guns as a constitutional right! It makes no reference as to what that gun is made of! What does the American government have the right to alter these rights? Regardless of how hard they try, technology will always stay one step ahead. What I'm saying is, if you Americans don't stand up and defend your constitutional rights, you'll start losing the freedom your founding fathers promised so long ago! In this day and age it has never been easier to get away with murder! If I decide to walk up and kill anyone, everyone is constantly staring at their phones I can easily go unnoticed! Don't allow your rights to be taken from you just because someone develops a new technology! This shouldn't even be an issue!

  7. 1:34:00 you ask the question. WE do not because it is not the way we do things. but I am here and you are there. Who can say what a man would do in other circumstances. But today I live in America. I trust America to correct itself no matter what the rest of the world is doing. Be careful what you choose to do. Because in the end that is all you are responsible for.

  8. and ask for the 3D printed gun I think it's a good idea to deterrent the people that going to do people harm and the governments are to use something like that as well cuz the government's assassinated people

  9. Bitcoin the banks don't want people to use Bitcoin cuz we're not making money off the Bitcoin you know what I mean I have more thoughts on that Bitcoin but I'm not going to say it

  10. 1)I think that the first surviving dildos were made from stone in the stone age, so what exactly is that woman talking about?

    2)I don't know what I think of what this man has done. How is he any different to people who share information for IEDs online or like the people who make up potentially and sometimes lethal "meme" challenges so that naïve children and imbeciles can die for their amusement?
    To be honest sharing any information from certain scientific fields is potentially disastrous. Surely it was the misapplied knowledge of basic chemistry that helped the manufacture of the fertiliser based bombs used at Oklahoma City. It might even be a problem to teach people to read and write. Consider that as the world became more literate at the beginning of the 20th century that was when we had two world wars, several genocides, increased terrorism, atomic bombings of humans and much more. The industrial revolution was the time when scientific racism began to flourish. Having more information and education doesn't really seem to have a positive impact on humanity because people can easily spread misinformation that is more appealing than the truth because it encourages rather than condemns. There's a reason why various religions use the motif of shepherds and their sheep to explain humanity.

  11. Yeah we did loose our right to privacy on our phones and computers, which is by the supreme law of the land still illegal! We can not afford to loose our right to own and build firearms because that is our only defence to protect what few rights we have left, and its the only thing that gives us the power to get them back. The sole most important thing that we absolutely must hang on to is our second amendment. We can not let them take anymore rights away and we have to start working on getting the ones we lost right back!

  12. The Americans obsession with guns is the greatest threat to civilization why search for a cure for cancer when there are millions of guns on the street and thousands are killed by guns every year

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