The Greatest Showman


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  1. And, I’m also going to add that the dancing seen in the trailer ALSO didn’t fit the timeframe…
    But the trailers song WAS HORRIBLE….. was WAY out of it’s timeframe for this period piece!!!
    I notice they have been doing that a lot lately and it ruins EVERYTHING!!!

  2. I have because I live in America 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love this movie 🍿 cuz I watch them all the time even now it’s the best movie EVER I love this so much I can’t stop it sorry 😐 but I still think it’s cool I’m going to watch it alllllllll of it! =3

  3. I normally fall asleep through movies, but not this one…As it ended, I felt totally alive and was dancing. I hated to see the movie end. This Movie has the Greatest Movie, Music and Choreography that I have seen in a long long time…can't remember seeing such a good movie. Thank you Michael Gracey for giving the world such a bold original gift of ENTERTAINMENT. I agree the soundtrack deserves an Oscar.

  4. Why the hell did I just buy this movie believe it or not I’ve seen this movie 27 or now 28 times since it came out best movie of 2018 but can’t wait till the movies of 2019 like toy story 4 and lion king live action

  5. I cried at one point but I love this movie. I've been waiting a year to watch it. My sister said that I only wanted to watch it because Zac Efron in it, but I didn't even know he was in it at first. Anyways, I love this movie and I believe that everyone did a good job. It's amazing. Good job Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya.

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