The Fluffiest Brioche Bread Recipe By June | Delish


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  1. I made this today. Ended up needing about 3.25 cups of flour and it took about an hour of mixing (next time I’ll add the flour earlier…hey…it was my first time making brioche lol). But O. M. F. G!!!!!! It was soooooooo fluffy and amazing and wonderful and mind blowing that I dubbed it “better than sex bread”. Like seriously…..if you bit into a piece that didn’t have crust it was like firm cotton candy But not firm in a bad way. It just kinda melted away in your mouth. I’m just in awe and wanted to immediately bake some more after I ate this. Too bad it’s 11pm lol

  2. Fantastic! Thank you for the amazing recipe! Very thorough – covering every nuance about the process. Much appreciated. Turned out amazing. Totally worth the time.

  3. The water content is so high in this recipe that most likely it will end up as a sticky sloppy mess that will never come up to the hook clean as a dough. If you simply calculate the water content in this recipe is about 84% disregarding the amount of butter we are adding! You almost never see a such a wet recipe. Not a reliable recipe unfortunately.

  4. Hi June, tried making it earlier. All well until I added the butter, the butter didn’t mix into the dough, it became watery and splashed all over. I added a spoon at a time. Added only half portion of butter, in the end the dough was surrounded by a pool of melted butter. 🙁

  5. Thank you for this amazing recipe and video! This was only my second time making bread. The first time was a basic French loaf, and then this wonderful brioche. What an amazing tutorial video – I followed it to a T, and it came out perfect!!! And SO yummy!!

  6. I kneaded the dough by hands and the recipe has about 70% moisture! Since the climate in my kitchen was 33 degree celcius today, so the butter was melt in the mixture. It was like I was kneading a cake batter and took me hours. But the bread was so wonderful and delicious that we finished it in 10 minites. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!

  7. Thank you for a fantastic demonstration. I was studying French ; Tu préfèrs la brioche was the sentence so I decided to look up brioche and I found you. I will be making this, however I don't have a Kitchenaide. I make bread so I am not afraid to do the work but is it possible without a mixer? Hope so. I'll be watching more of your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Heres a tip:
    If after the 25 minutes its still pretty runny and sticky, don't get discouraged and don't add flour. Keep going. If you have a kitchenaid artisan or the classic its going to be harder and a longer kneeding process since they are not as powerful as the professional series. i have an artisan and man it was hot at the end. It took me a solid 40 to 50 minutes of mixing to finally get it to where it was supposed to be. I suggest let your stand mixer get some breaks like 15 20 minutes. So the dough doesn't get dry in between, cover with a damp towel. Also make sure you have your speed up to the 8, and your gonna have to hold it or else its gonna fall off your counter.

  9. I must admit the first time I saw your video making Brioche I have been entice on making it myself.
    I have followed everything & oh boy it did turn out the way I like it. Super fluffy buttery & little bit sweet. If anyone likes Brioche this is it.

  10. I tried doing it yesterday and baked today. I don't have stand mixer, but I used hand mixer in incorporating the butter. It took me forever lol 😂. I think I'll have a toned arms if I do this everyday.

  11. June I’ve made your brioche recipe and it is just delicious. The texture, te flavor, I’ve never have such a a brioche as this one! Thank you for sharing the recipe ang your expertise with us. Does this dough would work folded like a babka with nutella filling? Thank you.

  12. Great video and i can't wait to try making my own loaf. can't decide whether June is intentionally dropping the y in yeast when she says it to be ironic or shockingly doesn't realize how silly it sounds saying East!! The fact the video editors at Delish write east too is….

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