The Famous General Tso’s Chicken Recipe, CiCi Li


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  1. There are no good Chinese restaurants on the Pungo Prairie. And I love good Chinese! So thanks to you now CiCi, I can learn how to make your delicious dishes right here in the Pungo Prairie Saloon! Awesome!

  2. I make this dish often, and I must say that this recipe is the best one so far! It is the first one that actually adds dried red pepper.. I use red and green fresh thai chilis. I love the chili oil! I am using only this recipe for this dish from now on!
    Thank you!

  3. hoping you see this …. do you know how to make willow beef? I used to have it when I visited family in northern Indiana. I can't find a recipe anywhere at all, I've been looking for 15 years now. can you help?

  4. my wife always said I cant cook worth a crap. So I came out of left field with this recipe… now she thinks I'm a cooking God! The only problem is she wants me to cook all the time now….

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