The Easiest Japanese Ginger Pork Recipe | 豚のしょうが焼きレシピ | Easy Japanese Cooking


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  1. others chanel from cookers less experienced than you have 300k folowers something is WRONG… is the TALKING THE BLA BLA.. you say too much storyes nobody cares about that . go straigt to THE RECIPE SIMPLE AND PURE.. and you will see can reach 300k folowers soom

  2. This looks so appetizing. Rarely do I watch food videos and immediately want to go out and pick up the ingredients to make as my very next meal, but that's what this video does for me. I love, love, love Japanese cuisine, and now I have something else in that category to try.

  3. A little tip..In India we don't peel ginger or garlic unless it's sliced..If you mince it or grate leave the skin on..Indians have something the world does not..The wet and dry grinder..It's worth buying and honestly is just incredible..Great recipe I like 🙂

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