The Easiest Cinnamon French Toast Recipe | Now Cook It


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  1. This recipe is amazing it is very close to the recipe my father taught me for French toast …… I also have to say thia ia the first thing I have ever seen them make that I could actually understand the flavor profile………I guess being born and raised in Ohio on a farm we really didnt get a whole lot of exotic flavors…….. I giess i really good example of how Americanized my diet was……not only did I not know that there was even a fruit called a mango……but i was well into my twenty before I ever even had a chance to try it……which if you have never tryed mango Omgoodness you have to give it a try the only thing that I can even kind of compare the flavor to is a really ripe super sweet and juicy peach…..there just amazing.
    I was sitting on the edge of my seat through the recipe because I was dreading them ruining a beautiful recipe with hot peppers or paprika or something……but thank heaven Ben stayed true to a classic sweet breakfast dish……all in all I have to say thia has been one of my favorite recipes……way to go guys……….love the content please keep it coming……..and if it would be at all possible could you guys maybe feature a few more recipes that are just savory not spicy…….would absolutely love to see it…….thank you again for all you do………the quality of your videos is top notch……gonna close for now but I have been trying to comment as much as I can……I hope it is helpful.

  2. I'm sorry, is that meant to be one whole serving? One slice cut in half? If that were me, I'd be sat here with 4 slices of French toast, potatoes, a peach bellini AND a cappuccino.

  3. Some times I do a "lazy man's french toast" where I just make scrambled egg from the sweet egg mixture, then just put it on top of a piece of bread (or buttered toast). Because some times I'm too impatient to wait for the egg mixture to soak into the bread 😛

  4. when i make French toast, i exchange the butter for sunflower oil, unlike olive oil it maintains a mostly tasteless flavour but still browns the toast and reduces on calories and saturated fats.

  5. I've done vanilla sugar before, but I'm always worried about how long before I need to change the pods out. Same with vanilla extract. How long do they provide their lovely flavor to things like sugar and bourbon?

  6. I was glad to see that you used vanilla sugar in the custard mix … I was beginning to wonder if you were omitting a crucial flavoring. I generally use a very good vanilla extract, but sometimes on weekend brunches I'll get a little wacky with the bourbon and that's yummy too. A good liqueur is also nice — something like Cointreau will contrast nicely with the blueberries. Check it out if you have not already! 😀

  7. I make challah with lots of cardamom plus vanilla and honey every year for the holidays, and one loaf always gets reserved for French toast on Christmas morning! I use honey and half-and-half in the custard instead of sugar and milk, and then let it mature overnight. Double-cook, first in lots of butter on the stove and then finish it in the oven. Top with real Grade B (or whatever overly complicated nonsense they're calling it these days) maple syrup. My folks look forward to it all year long!

    I'm going to have to try that blueberry compote this year, though! That sounds absolutely exquisite. I'm glad you guys posted this so early, so that I can buy some blueberries while they're local and seasonal and freeze them for the occasion.

  8. I made just the French toast. It was delicious but I wondered why it was so sweet. Upon rewatching the video, I realized I had put 150g of sugar in the egg mixture. Oops. I had 4 slices. Double oops. I'm diabetic. Triple oops. I guess I won't be checking my blood sugar ANY time soon. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. what the hickory pulled heck is a compot haha
    cheffy broseph the word is 'compote' and rhymes with 'note', not 'lot'.
    who has taught you this? who has betrayed you with berry false information? who hurt you bud

  10. Barry is a terrible cook as he's just forgetful but not bad at cooking just forgetful as in the ultimate burrito battle he forgot to put his beans in the burrito as he was serving and in the ultimate sand which battle he forgot to put garlic in the tray full of vegetables as they went into the oven
    Better memory = better recipes

  11. for the past few weeks I've been trying to decide who I find more sexy, Mike? or Ben? Mike has the cute innocent bad boy look (but he needs a haircut) Ben is just super nerdy sexy and can cook like a boss.. they both make me laugh, they both are cute.. I just don't know 😕 #thestruggleisreal

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