The Chicken Recipe That Won a Million Dollars | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network


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  1. Wow…I would have definitely lost that competition because I actually season my food. She (“Anna”) claimed to have seasoned the chicken with just salt and pepper. I saw a little pepper. And I know that salt is hard to see in most dishes…but that chicken looked bland AF. Never understood why white ppl think that only chicken broth or only fresh sage or only paprika will 100% season a dish. It won’t.

  2. She better be glad that Gordon Ramsay didn't taste that chicken lol. You can tell her feelings were hurt. If she was upset over Oprah's words imagine how she would feel over Ramsay's words lmao.😂

  3. Its kinda "Sad" (4 those of us that remember the "Old Oprah") , just how pretentious & implicitly 'mean' & 'Out of touch' she has become . . *To be fair, mega rich people do tend to be that way. . still Love ya, Ms.Winfrey. . .

  4. Good thing there's No Minimal test 4 common sense , to leave a comment. . As with All human experiences , Everyone has their own Tastes & preferences. . To comment on Any recipe (OR Any Experience) Without Tasting/ Experiencing it yourself is _____ . . ?? 🌟I have Faith that you know the answer . .

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