The Canelé Recipe – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL


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  1. Hi…I just wanted to say that I enjoyed making your recipes…, I would like to try this Canele but I am just wondering, could I make this without the proper mold? It won't be call canele of course but, can it achieve same texture without the brass mold?

  2. usually there's no grand marnier in those, only rhum. The recipe came from the activity of Bordeaux which received many products, including vanilla, sugar cane and rhum from the West indies.
    Grand Marnier was created in the late XIX° century and even if it is made with Cognac it was made far from the Charentes area, near Paris.
    Anyway that recipe may be used with many flavour. I tried them with many others and it's always delicious : orange flower water, rose water, litchee alcohol…

  3. Hey all/ Bruno, my caneles come out sort of chewy when i follow these directions (and baking in a convection oven) is there anything to help with this? I want crispy! They're utterly delicious but curious what I might be missing. I did use the copper molds.

  4. Chef Bruno , i would like to make canele, and so I had ordered the silicone molds online. I received them today but the molds are a smaller size. So I would like to know how long do I need to bake them? Merci!!

  5. I tried so many recipes and they keep puffing while they cooking it drive me crazy I followed ur reciepe and I was like this time it will work but not I ve read on internet about ir and tried with all the tricks still not working i use the lekue silicone .. Pleaaase help merci d'avance

  6. Hi Bruno, Three Questions.
    Have you used the silicone molds when making caneles? I'm thinking the finished product would not be as good as when using the metal molds.
    I noticed that you used a metal/not copper mold. Where did you find the metal?
    I've only seen the expensive copper or silicone.
    Finally, traditional recipes call for using food grade bees wax. Do you think it's necessary when making caneles?
    Thanks so much Bruno.

  7. merci Bruno je l,ai fait et c,est un succes! juste une question j,ai mis mes caneles au four convection a la derniere position du four, et certain etait legerment brulé d,autre etais parfais! d,apres toi serais t,il mieu en chaleur traditionelle? merci du quebec

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