The Best Tiramisu Recipe! | Oh Yum With Anna Olson


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  1. Love that you made a zabaglione first. I always do. I was wondering. How safe is it to eat raw whipped egg whites? I know in Italy the eggs are raw when they add them to the mascarpone. Making the zabaglione gives a wonderful flavor to the tiramisu. I do cool off the zabaglione first before mixing it with the mascarpone. I just love your videos and recipes! Going to bake two batches of your chocolate chip cookies today!

  2. He he – This is not Tiramisu. I'm sure it taste like a liquid type dessert but it isn't Tiramisu. However, served individually – I'm sure it can be quite a treat as a general "sweet dessert."

  3. Dear Anna
    I love your videos, I think that the carrot cake is the best recipe I've ever tried; but, as Venetian girl (the region where the Tiramisu was born; exactly in the city of Treviso) I have to tell you that this is your interpretation of the recipe, not the classic one. The REAL classic tiramisu recipe is: lady fingers lightly soaked in unsweetened moka coffee (or eventually espresso coffee), the cream is made only with mascarpone cheese, egg yolks and granulated sugar. Alternate One layer of lady fingers one layer of cream and on top of the last cream layer dust a generous amount of unsweetened cocoa powder. The secret of this dessert is the perfect balance between the sweetness of the cream and the strong bitter taste of the coffee amplified with the cocoa powder.

  4. Hi. I love your recipes. I want to try this recipe at home, but I have small issue. Could you tell me the replacement for the alcohol, please? I am a Muslim therefore I do not use alcohol. Thanks.

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