The Best Instant Pot Ropa Vieja | Cuban Shredded Beef Recipe |


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  1. I've tried to meal prep ropa vieja for the week several times and always got the burn warning and it never tasted right. Being originally from Miami I had to do Cuban food right.

    Only recently did it occur to me to look on YouTube for how to do it right. I saw your thumbnail and said "She looks like she knows what she's talking about." I was not disappointed. Using your video I modified my recipe so that it came out deliciously the first try without a burn notice.

    Thanks, Lana.

  2. Hello, can you explain more about how to use the slow cook function please? I want to know if is less time than your regular slow cooker for example if I have a pot roast and I make it in 4-6 hrs using a regular crockpot do I cook the pot roast the same time with the omni plus?

  3. You have a special place in my heart, Lana. Anyone who can take old school Cuban favorites, like Ropa Vieja, and give them the nouveau tweak of current technology with the latest cooking methods…well…you have my heart and my respect!

    I am a Gringa who grew up in south Florida and in Tampa Bay. Delicious Cuban food was everywhere. It is a favorite part of my family's culinary history.

    We eat traditional Southern, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Jamaican and Jewish foods in my house. We are the classic Floribbean family!

    Thank you for the inspiration your videos provide! I see Ropa Vieja coming soon to my Instant Pot now!

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