The Best Garlic Cheese Fries recipe by SAM THE COOKING GUY


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  1. The issue i had with this recipe was the excessive use of butter that caused the fries to be soggy after being cooked plus the cheese was not melted. Still a tasty recipe but this is more of a fancy gourmet style of garlic cheese fries.

  2. the Quebecois who have there poutine (gravy ,cheese over fries) will be outraged at what you done here making a competitive French version,,they hate the French,,heck why not add some escargots to those while your at it

  3. there is a very easy way to peel as many cloves of garlic as you want in juts a few seconds,,im not joking,,get a glass container with a lid,preferably a cocktail shaker (all metal or glass and metal lid) throw all your cloves in there and give it a few hard shakes,presto all the peel comes off your left with just the cloves,try it

  4. great recipe, tnx

    also i love your amazing kitchen, i am a sub-contractor for arista homes here in canada, and i have never seen a kitchen like yours. LOVE the cabinets ..and that back splash…. WOW really pulls and pushes the kitchen apart, a unique design.

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