The BEST Fruit Tart Recipe


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  1. on the written ingredients and on the video, theres a pop up label with 1 tbsp of butter for the cream, but it doesnt show on the video nor the written recipe where in the cooking process to add it, so I didn't, hope thats ok

  2. Bro you make the best deserts I've EVER seen!! I'm gonna try making one of your pies this week! Your videos are the shit, keep doin what you do!

  3. Hey John, How are you? I’m so excited to tell you that I tried your fruit tart and it was AH-MAZING. However, I was not able to achieve a perfect tart shell, it was breaking down into small pieces even though I followed the exact same recipe. Could you guide me on that?
    Warm Regards,

  4. okay so I do love your recipes but I do have a feeling that you tend to use more ingredients resulting in more expensive and time-consuming recipes (shortcrust pastry). So I'm just saying please try to do some videos with simple ingredients.
    please do not take this criticism in a wrong way.

  5. Hi John. Thanks for all of your beautiful recipes. Can i use a regular big tart pan i just dont have these rings available. And do i have to put a weight on top of the shell and bake before adding the pastry cream?

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