The Best French Toast Recipe


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  1. I had to give a testimonial about this amazing video. my sister and I did it just a few minutes ago and it came out perfectly! we dug in and it was so amazing, we wanted more…..

  2. hmm I tried this recipe with regular white sandwich bread, followed it exactly minus the salt. My white bread ended up soaking up too much and I ended up having only two slices of bread instead of four. It was a soggy disaster. I'm going to guess that it was the bread…Anyways, I did like some things about your recipe. Afterwards I did french toast how I usually do two eggs a splash of milk but found using a plate as you did made for better distribution and I definitely liked the vanilla extract and using cinnamon after. So the combo of my way and your way the second time turned out much better… but the first time no.

  3. Tony, WHAT is in your logo circle? Is that a cabbage? It's too small for my eyes to make it out. What are the red and white things under the round thing? Thanks! Love your recipes!!! 🙌👍👏👌🙋

  4. Since my last comment. I finally made french toast!!! You're absolutely right about pouring the batter and soaking the toast. It makes cooking easy! Great recipe! Thanks! 😊😊😊

  5. Hello Toni, it's chrissa! (idk if you remember me lol, i have a new account!) Your recipe for french toast looks so good, i am excited to try it! i hope you have a beautiful day, and bless us with more recipes soon!

  6. You must have read my mind, Tony! I made a video on French Toast in my cast iron skillet! I have it scheduled for later I hope it's as good as this one. But it won't be because you are the MAN!!!!! 🙂

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