The best ever Swedish meatballs dinner recipe – comfort food favorite


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  1. Those might not be Swedish meatballs but the seasoning with little garlic and green onion, salt and pepper looks delicious. I will try this in my kitchen. Great chef!

  2. Am hooked on your channel I've made 2 dishes and it brought me straight back to my youth growing up Italian ,, BTW you could be twins to my Uncle Anthony seriously you belong in my familia ,,, your simply great and I've shared several of your videos and am creating a uproar with my Familia and Friends with your dishes ! Much love XOXO

  3. Swedish meatballs is best together with mashed potatoes and some gravy ("brunsås") and of course, a bit of traditional Swedish lingonberry jam (which is what you're saying). Don't hate just because it sounds wrong, it's delicitious! But for Easter, midsummer and Christmas we don't have mashed potatoes or gravy together with them, we eat them together with stuff like "Janssons frestels" instead, a sort of potato gratin with anchovies in it. Don't know if you actually could call this Swedish meatballs, but it's definitely a good American version of them!

    Thanks for bringing a part of our food culture to other peoples attention! Really enjoy your channel!

  4. Does any know where to get the amounts of everything or do we just eyeball it. I mean that's cool but before I tweet a receipt I like to have the entire amounts. If any knows could you post please great food gino

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