The Best Creme Brulee Recipe


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  1. You all are assholes. he's a professional chef. Omg he breathes??? so what don't be assholes. who are you to call him a bad chef. you probly can't cook for shit yourself. he's obviously gone to culinary school

  2. made this yesterday. worked great. did 473 ml heavy cream since this is whats in the bottle at the store, 7 tbsp castor sugar, 1 vanilla pod as in the video. did 300 degrees which is higher than he recommended. tried his setting for 45 minutes…didnt work, was still liquid. 300 solved it perfectly. his superheating worked awesome. 

  3. c'est vraiment français la creme brulée oh faite ? .-. je croyais c'était anglais x)
    Mdr ouai bon avec un nom comme ca jme sens assez stupide mais bon :')

  4. Wish these guys would put ingredients list on the bottom of the video… frustrating. this isn't a 1998 cooking t.v. show, post the fucking ingredients. 

  5. Amazing results after following all the instructions. I watched to many vídeos on this reciepe and non of them gave me the finished product that I was expecting to achieve. Thank you so much for this amazing technique.

  6. excellent and highly informative video.  My only reservation is that the video freezes at 3.41 – a great pity because it is demonstrating important stuff.

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