The BEST Creamy Italian Pasta Salad Recipe – I Heart Recipes


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  1. Pasta in Italy are first courses (entrées if u will), after which we have our main course (usually meats) and after that side courses. Thats right, side dishes are an extra course towards the end of a big meal. I therefore have some issues believing in a mix of those courses…but lets slip this one through.
    Real italian dressing is extra vergin olive oil and balsamic vinegar – thats it. Not that hard to do on ur own^^ Ok, I had to stop the video and close my eyes for a sec when I heard about the cream….but Feta cheese? Thats greek – it doesn't work with italian cuisine AT ALL. Why don't u do a greek salad? There Feta is quite important and useful.

  2. this looks fabulous– I never thought of mixing miracle whip with Italian dressing to make a dressing for pasta salad- will definitely need to try this

  3. I tried the sauce with some pasta and the veggies I had in my fridge and it tasted amazing! thanks for sharing this recipe. This was the first video i watched from you and I automatically subscribed! you're such a sweet heart!

  4. This is not Italian, it could be good as weel, but please don't call it 'italian'. No one in Italy would make it like that, with those ingredients. Stop it!

  5. Hi Rosie. I have to say, I love your personality, and your videos. You're inspiring and always put your own little twist on great food creations. Tfs :-)

  6. I'm entertaining on Wednesday and I'll serve this. It looks very delicious and great for presentation. But the deal breaker for me is that it's super easy and practical to make. Thanks!

  7. That looks so good! I always throw in shredded cheddar cheese in my pasta salad n can't wait to try it with feta cheese. I love feta cheese but I never know what to do with it besides top it on pizza n salad 

  8. Perfect! I usually use creamy Italian dressing, had no idea it's just mayo and italian dressing. This is awesome! Thanks Rosie! I love you and your recipes!

  9. I love that the dressing is so easy. And I could add some leftover chicken to this and have a whole meal. Great one Rosie! . My grandmother's name is Rosie and I named my daughter Camille Rose after her. 🙂 love your recipes. 

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