The BEST Chinese Style Sweet n Sour Chicken Recipe: How To Make Sweet n Sour Chicken Sauce


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  1. I am not the best at cooking. … but I just made this and it tastes better than my Chinese take out … thanks so much for sharing everything was detailed … ran out of corn starch so I used the roux method instead …. omg I'm never having take out again!!!!

  2. The chicken before the sauce looks like the chicken tenders I used to get from a diner from my old house! Can't wait to try out this recipe 😀 Also you have an enjoyable, friendly sounding voice :D

  3. Thanks for sharing. I much prefer fresh garlic, ginger, and potato starch instead of flour in a recipe like this, something like Japanese Karaage chicken. This combined with your sauce recipe would probably take it to the next level. Cheers :-)

  4. my mouth want stop watering.. Lawd u got skills. and as a student I'm learning lol. very well done. ur wife /Gf should be bless to have a talented man that can cook. I mean what woman doesn't won't a man that can cook?

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