The Best Beef Tips-Pressure cooker recipe


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  1. Made this tonight, but substituted 8 oz of sliced mushrooms for the bell pepper. As the beef was browning, I made sure to include the left-over flour mixture a little at a time. I also included the 1/4 cup of consommé, and ended up using about 1/3 cup of red wine to deglaze (didn't remember to add butter until I was closing the lid to start the pressure cooker). Served it over brown rice, and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. 1 quick question.. I've only used my preside cooker twice & always released the pressure manually… smells too good & can't wait! lol..just curious, why do u guys let the pressure come down naturally?

  3. When did you add the red wine? Or you added it with the beef consomme'? And how much wine? I don't have a saute' setting on mines (I have the Wolfgang puck pressure cooker) and I have to guess the time because the calibrations on the dial are not numbered all the way. It looks delicious.

  4. I loved your recipe, it was really wonderful. I must ask, is there a way to print your recipe? I had to watch your video over and over again just to get the ingredients down and the measurements. This took up a lot of my time just so I can get it right when I went shopping. I did get it right and your meal was wonderful. Please allow us to be able to print your recipe, it makes life so much easier. Thank you always.

  5. Jaxx, if you let that wine reduce down untill its almost gone you can add all of your consume. The wine will be gone, but the flavor will still be there.

  6. Incredible recipe Jaxx!  I didn't have flour so I used corn starch for the meat coating and it thickened up while pressuring.  Didn't' have to simmer and it was just the right thickness.

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