The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand


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  1. Not much effort is put into noodles anymore sadly, everyone only cares about the broth and toppings now. A complete bowl of noodles should balance all 3 perfectly.

  2. These cooks are BADASS!
    Damn, they're really sooo amazing, I love how passionate they are on what they do. The way they find deep meaning on something that's simple to everyone, the way they have fulfilled their dreams, their skill, their discipline, everything about them is awesome!

  3. i'm an asian and we could eat these noodles everyday if we want coz so many restaurants like this around us however I was told that we shouldn't eat this pulled noodle too often since it has some harmful chemicals added to the flour dough to make the noodle unbreakable and superelastic, it's once-a-while meal.

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