The 12 Best Breakfast Recipes of All Time – Amazing Breakfast Ideas


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  1. If someone is going to publicized themselves on "YouTube…or on 📺" then, they need to be honest to people! You cannot get the credit for making people fools because.., we're not!!
    That means people are going to express…….. themselves accordingly, to what you give out!
    I stand to be corrected by anyone who 👀 it fit.
    If you make a mistake people will 👀 that's an honest mistake . I'm sure…. most of them will commend you, for at least trying……!!! When we put ourselves out there is to showcase what we can do to the best of our ability!!
    So please….give it your all and don't hold back.
    Thank you!

  2. If you're going to demonstrate what you're cooking…. then, you need to show the recipes….. come on….. if you're going to do something for someone…else to learn, then why not do it the
    right way…..!
    This is a multicultural society we're living in….so, it's good if we can learn from each other….it will be good for me…. you and everybody that's looking!!
    Don't just think about how many views you can get!!!!!

  3. I'm really getting tired of YouTube videos that show a photograph on the beginning which lures you in in your interests and in that for taking a photo but then you never see the recipe of that particular item that shone and that's the reason why you got a thumb down.

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