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  1. Oh, this was unwatchable. I made my brain and eyes hurt! Too fast to read ingredients, or even see what you're doing, and I had to rush to press the mute button, too. If you have other videos, I won't be watching, sorry.

  2. These look amazing! But I like when you talk to the camera, I love your personality. Along with your amazing recipes, it's what makes this my favorite vegan channel.

  3. Hi to Adults only…I Realize this has nothing to do with the post/page/video. I also realize you have no reason to care or believe me but I am desperate and for the sake of my child I have to try wherever and whenever I can. So if you could please share our story I would be forever grateful but I understand if you choose not to and I thank you either way.

  4. It would have been more enjoyable if it wasn't this fast. I didn't even have time to read 2 words before new text came. Bummer because all the recipes look nice but I was more aware and annoyed at the fact that I couldn't follow the video 🙁

  5. These were nice recipes and I will probably make them, but I personally feel like the old format was better when you spoke to the camera and the recipes were slower paced.

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