Thai Shrimp Soup Recipe


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  1. I made this recipe yesterday evening. Didn't taste the red chili so it was i little too spicy for my mom. However, everybody told me it was delicious so I will absolutely make it again (minus the chili !)
    Thanks a lot for this superbe recipe idea 🙂

  2. Love love love this recipe. I've done it with chicken and beef as well, it's always delicious and it's an easy staple yummy dish that I can just whip up for dinner and everyone loves it!

  3. i made this soup yesterday….my sister was like wow!!!you made it? (not cooking often lol) its super easy and sooooo tasty…i just have to remember to put more water next time or less noodles but was my bad cause used small pot hehehe gonna do your thanksgiving recepies for new years lol ty so much…you make everything so easy and pew pew fast

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