Thai Pork Leg Stew Recipe (Kao Ka Moo) ข้าวขาหมู – Hot Thai Kitchen


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  1. i just ordered this as delivery and ate it as i watched this video. it contains exactly the same thing as your recipe, now i know i need to order it again! haha

  2. How long in a pressure cooker do you think you could pull this off? Also, while living in Bangkok and seeing this on the streets or at some mall food courts I see they boil the sauce down really thick. My favorite dish in Thailand by far. Probably ate a unhealthy amount of it. Love the fresh chilis and raw garlic on the side they give you to eat with it.

  3. pai, is there a reason why NOONE carries galangal, including asian grocery. is this some rare item, or not available during fall? im on store number 4 with no luck and i usually see it everwhere

  4. This is VERY similar to a Taiwanese dish called 滷肉飯, or "Minced Pork Rice". It's essentially the same thing – pork, soy sauce, spices, herbs, sugar. All poured over rice served with a pickled daikon radish, a stewed egg, and some steamed veggies on the side (optional).

  5. Wow!  Palin, you are so good!  This recipe is excellent, enough to feed a party of ~10 hungry & happy people.  You're right, I like to cook the eggs up to ~1 hour & 10 minutes for my preferred hard texture & deep flavor.  Thank you so much!  (Now some gourmet Americans put a piece of pig foot in their soup or beef stew too for the gelatinous texture, as Thomas Keller of "French Laundry" suggests.  Pig foot is high in collagen, which is great for orthopaedic health & recommended by MD's.)

  6. You just read my mind. Just saw this dish on Mark Wien's channel and wondered how'd it taste. It looks very similar to the Vietnamese Thit Kho minus the spices. I'll be trying this soon. Thanks You!

  7. Puerto Ricans love pork skin. whenever we have pernil/pork roast everybody fight over the skin lol. but instead of the skin being soft we like it crispy and crunchy. love your videos I plan on making this soon

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